Archived: FACTSHEET: Hillary Clinton’s VP Pick Tim Kaine’s Record on Syria

1— Voted YES to strike Assad in August 2013 in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.[1]
— Voted for President Obama’s Train & Equip program of the Syrian rebels against ISIS in 2014.[2] But said “I’m not sure the train-and-assist thing is the right way to go” for the reauthorization in 2016.[3]
— Supports a “humanitarian safe zone” in northern Syria stopping Assad’s barrel bombs via some sort of military intervention. He wrote a letter with Dick Durbin, McCain, and Graham calling for a humanitarian safe zone in Syria in April 2015.[4]
— Does not believe that “toppling Assad” should be the policy of the U.S. he said “I don’t think regime change should be an official policy of the United States, our batting record is very poor.”[5]
— Believes Obama made a “mistake” by saying that “Assad must go” in Syria because “he raised expectations in Syria and then he didn’t follow through on it.”[6]
— Voted YES on the Iran deal which gave billions to the mullahs much of which went to Assad and Hezbollah in Syria.[7]

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