Archived: Syrian Christians for Peace disappointed with the british delegation’s recent visit to Syria


Syrian Christians for Peace (SCP) regretfully express their utter disappointment at the recent delegation including Peers from the British Parliament who visited Syria and met Bashar Al-Assad.

While laudable in their stated aim of ‘hearing from local Syrian people’, obvious damage has been done to Christian community in Syria as a result of this trip. The image of official Western leaders meeting Assad bolsters his baseless narrative that he and the regime are the protectors of Christians and religious minorities.

The Assad family has over the years systematically marginalized Christians in Syria and Lebanon while at the same time oppressing and humiliating the Sunni majority.

Furthermore it is deeply concerning that upon returning from Syria, Peers from the delegation have taken to the media in order to convey talking points resembling almost identically those coming out of Damascus. This included defending the trip on the grounds of being able to raise concerns and criticisms in person.

To date however, we have not been told what criticisms were raised. Instead, the delegates have bemoaned the apparent lack of coverage of the atrocities committed by combatants fighting the regime.

While as Syrians we want the collective will of our fellow citizens heard, more than half of us have been forced from our homes.

The people the delegation will have talked to are those happy to be there under the current regime. T

o have gained an accurate picture of what Syrians want, the delegation needed to have visited some of the 4.8 million who have sought refuge in neighboring countries or the 6.6 million who are internally displaced within the country.

The Board of Directors:

USA (Dr George netto –Mirna barq -Bahnan yamin – Rezkalla chakour-George stepho –Basel Korkor)

Fance ( Dr Samira moubayed )

Germany ( Dr Marwan khoury )

UK ( Dr Wael aleji )

Turkey ( Fouad elia)

Canada ( Ayman abdelnour- Louay bashour )


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