Bishop John Jeanbert: Christians at Syria Are not at Danger; Putting them in Serving Regime Endangers them

Rabee George Al-Halabi (A writer resides at Aleppo):

Bishop John Jeanbert  will visit the United kingdom, and he has visited the United States of America before. The main end of these visits is to polish the picture of the Syrian regime and to prosecute that Christians at Syria are at danger; in Case the regime  is toppled. And of course, this claim is not correct; because the Christians have lived safely, and they are sentenced to live with the rest of Syrian people’s components.

Why does this bishop run to defend this regime that kills children, destroys cities and villages, and pushes Syrian at the circle of obnoxious Sectarianism? To be fair he is not the only one, but there are many patriarchs and bishops, but he is the most vicious at defending the regime.

The main reason for this desperate defense of  the regime is because he knows well that if the regime topples, he will do as well; because he is well known for all by his ties to the regime’s circles which are the security ones. He is a partner through his brother With Assad Mafia, where he has won millions of  dollars, taking advantage of funds of the parish, and the silence of patriarch Laham about his clear corruption for every one of the Roman Catholic denomination, that abhors him. His  Priests have refused accepting this Corruption, at Late Nineties of the 20 century and at the beginning of the current century, the martyr father Hikmat Jamous challenged him, and stayed  challenging him till he passed away because of a sharp collision  with this bishop. Thus, he has  passed away from this   world leaving the burden for everyone that participated him the opinion and war against the corruption of this regime and this bishop.

Under the title: “Simonia at Aleppo”- Simonia means trading of religious matters, group of his flock and with blessing of some priests of his community- we will not mention them; fearing from his wrath with the help of the regime- wrote what Condemned him: “John Jeanbert- the bishop of Roman Catholics, since heading the episcopate at Aleppo- you take your decisions singularly within the field of your church , generating the hatred between you and your priests, And between you and your folk that have demanded for the formation of local board sharing at the community affairs. You have also tried to create gangs within the community, trying to take money starting from the Spiritual Library, next to take  tens of millions from Bagdasar band – Chakra, and then to take the food basket which has made deacon George Shakour give the ones he wants and deprive the ones he wants, using bad phrases and dirty treatment that have no links to Christianity nor to humanity. To the administration of Hope/ Amal School, with other formations and the people that  only you are satisfied. And  even right now, we have not yet discerned its mechanism, concerning the hundreds of Millions that have given for it in the name of  community’s people at Aleppo , giving its poor a few money that did not exceed one dollar, while giving the rich big amounts times and times, in addition to  banquets and cakes .

Non-disclosure about funds resources and where they have been spent have made doubt and anxiety.

This talk reveals the corruption of this Bishop. Besides to his financial corruption, he is autocratic / authoritarian and not accepting to participate in the parish affairs with his flock. And Of course, this authoritarianism contrasts with decisions of Vatican Complex II, which bishop Gregoire Haddad have applied, who had been fought by the corrupt bishops like John Jeanbert .

His link to the regime made him escape the day the rebels have entered to Aleppo, because he has felt that he has been at the danger circle. He has fled to Lebanon then to Vatican, hiding the documents which condemn him, and also for not Signing on the bishops statement of Aleppo. Here is the statement link, that the detainee bishop John Ibrahim has written:

The statement link in Arabic: /

He has been helped at this escape by the security forces of the regime; because from the very beginning of the revolutionary mobility, bishop Jeanbert has been launching statements against this mobility, and serving for this regime, where his attitudes are not different so much of the other bishop Luke Alkhoury- By coincidence, both of them are From the same denomination/ community, but one catholic and the other Orthodox, As if they wanted to Unite their stance- this bishop has decided strongly to stand up with the regime against people that demand their freedom and dignity,  like many Christians who carry the  honorable banner of freedom and democracy.

Instead of spreading Islamophobia  among Christians serving the regime, he had to, if he did want  Christians’ sake- represent the stance of the patriotic bishop Isidore Fattal, who Patriotically lead his flock at a difficult interval of Syrian history after the World War II, and the beginning of the countdown of the French Mandate, stressing On Christian-Islamic brotherhood.

See the article of Alarschmndat Ignatius Diek On Civilization Site, about the role of the patriotic Christians From the modern Syrian history and under the French Mandate. This is the link:

Instead of defending the regime arguing the minority protection, he  had to ask the head of that regime: where are the two bishops John Ibrahim and Paul Al-Yazji, what is about their fate, and where they have been detained?

But he is busy at collecting money, and fighting Syrian people who is seeking for freedom and dignity. He also tries to serve the Assad regime which kills children, that regime that puts Syria under the militant Iranian-Russian occupation.

We say to bishop Jeanbert; each patriarch, bishop, and monk, that by defending  this regime, arguing defending and protecting Christians,  they  endanger Christians; because Christians are not at danger. So stop turning them to commodity.

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